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We are designers. We are engineers. We are artists. We are usurpers. We are rebels. We are protectors. We are children. We are parents. We are lovers. We are Iron Man. We are Batman. We are fighters. We are supporters. We are angry. We are the silent majority. We are talented. We are hungry. We are justified left. We are justified right. We are diverse. We are one. We are many. We are legion. We are me. We are you.


We built this brand as a fuck you to everyone who's ever told you can't do anything. It's a statement. A message to all the haters. To everyone who has tried to bring you down. To everyone who has tried to get ahead by discrediting you. To everyone who has stolen your ideas and passed them off as their own. To everyone who has piggy-backed and advanced their career on your ability. To everyone who hasn't listened to to what you had to say because they 'knew' better. And to project managers and account handlers everywhere. Their negativity inspired this brand. So Fuck you very much. #youcannotkillwhatyoudon'tunderstand


The number 72 has a specific resonance in religious and theological circles. It’s a number with a certain relevance to being a follower of a specific doctrine - or a disciple (look it up or you’ll just have to trust us). Since we are a brand of dissent it seemed a perfect fit for our attitude and for what we want to achieve - to forge a true collective with power and give the working underclass a voice, polluting with attitude, anger, and strength. And in line with that it’s no coincidence we chose a symbol of expiration, the skull and crossbones, as our emblem coupled with the dichotomy of the life after - devil/angel. This all ties into our own personal experiences and our belief that “You Cannot Kill What You Don’t Understand”. Our spirit is indestructible. This brand has grown from the wreckage of others’ doing - proving that very point.


We've been doing this shit for all our clients for years now, designing brands, and making apparel and art, for them to sell - but we'd never done it for ourselves. The idea was to create something that we would wear ourselves. Something with an edge. Something with an air of dissent. Something against the man. We're here to fuck shit up and upset the status quo. But we're going to be smart about it. We want this brand to be a unifying element for your poor, tired, and under appreciated design folk. An underground movement where they can feel connected to their peers. A Fight Club of sorts, if you will. We are about to gatecrash the Philadelphia circle jerk. Who’s coming along for the ride?

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